Your Business Card as a Strategic Marketing Tool

What is the difference between sales and marketing? Some people think there isn't a difference. Marketing involves getting your business name, products and services in front of customers who are in a position to buy from you. Selling involves the direct contact with the customer to "close the deal." Whether a business is small or large, marketing is all about strategy, visibility and word of mouth.Marketing business cards can be one of the most affordable, effective ways to get your business name out to the public and reach new potential customers. It represents the ideal opportunity to change special offers and coupons, simply by printing small labels that you can stick to the back of your cards. You can also print something useful on the back of your business card, such as a calendar, which will increase the chances that those who come across your care will keep and use it.

When you want marketing business cards, you should consider the basics first. You can try out different business cards online before you buy. Some "do's" for business cards including letting potential customers know about your business, services, and how to contact you. Many companies include a tagline or motto about their business such as "In business for over 45 years" or "Best service, guaranteed." Be sure the card is easily readable, and that people who pick up your business cards can contact you by several different ways to get the most strategic marketing benefit.

Some businesses say that marketing business cards are the most affordable type of advertising they could do. Instead of handing out the cards only at networking events, try leaving the cards in areas where first, posting business cards is customary, and second, putting your business card is encouraged and allowed. Marketing business cards are ideal to be pinned to grocery or coffee shop bulletin boards. Depending on your type of business, you could post your cards in areas where you know customers who might want your products and services will be. A pet grooming service, for example, would be smart to keep their business cards constantly stocked at local pet stores and veterinarians. Often, businesses will agree to "cross market" with you. If you agree to hand out or put their cards in your place of business, they are glad to return the favor.

More creative ways to use your business cards for marketing include putting small stacks of cards in waiting rooms, at ATM machines, in the shopping cart at the grocery store, and at fast food restaurants. Some people hand out their business cards wherever they might be. One location where cards always seem to be welcome is at the car wash. Car washes often have designated holders for business cards of patrons. They are a great place to take advantage of using your business cards as strategic marketing tools. You can also print small labels with advertising messages or discount offers and stick them on the back of your cards. The extra step counts, so use your business cards for an affordable way to market and promote your business.


Article created on 4/3/2012

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