What Business Card Information Should You Include on Your Card?

You need business card but you are not sure what design you want, or even what information to include on the cards. Your checklist includes your name, the name of your business, your business address and phone number, and of course your e-mail address and business website (if you have one).

It is a common misconception that only these information should be placed on a plain white rectangle card to make a business card. Actually, today, more than ever, you can put in more information on your business card.

OTHER Business Card Information You Can Add on Your Cards

Many people use both sides of their business cards, placing quotes, proverbs, or other sayings on the back of the card. Do you have a saying that you like, or that reflects your business or personal philosophy? This can be put on your business card as a reflection of your beliefs, and a statement which says a lot about you. People have also included verses from the bible or other literature, and the only limit to what you can include is your imagination.

Your business motto or principles can be included on your business cards. Many businesses have a value statement which is included on their business cards, and this can help quickly show what your business stands for with a fast glance at your business card. Your photo can be included, and this will really make your card stand out and be remembered. This will help the person associate your name and company with a face, making it seem much more personal and friendly. The picture you use should be professional, this is not a time to use the bikini shot of you in Rio, but it does not have to be stuffy or severe.

A logo can be printed on your professional cards but there are other more advanced options as well. Holes, bite marks, and other graphics can be added to give your business card a one of a kind, unique look. There have been business cards designed in all shapes and sizes, containing a vast variety of information. You can put statistics which relate to your business on the back of the card, or maybe a recipe if you are a caterer or in another food related business.

If you are a contractor or work in other building trades, you can include a ruler which is scaled down, and a company which does business in foreign countries may print the second side of the business card with the same information but in the language of their foreign clients. Many people include drawings or cartoon characters on their business cards, and you can also include drawings of your company headquarters or other items which represent your business.

No matter what information you include on your business card, it is important to make it stand out. If your business cards look like all the rest, the sad fact is that most people will not get as far as reading your information before the card ends up being thrown away. The business card design is just as important as the information that you choose to put on the card.

Article created on 6/12/2008

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