Using Your Free Personalized Business Cards

Free personalized business cards are not just for business any longer. You can use business cards for a variety of different purposes. You can use them for traditional reasons as well as the newer reasons.

Today, it seems that everyone has a business of some sort, even if it is just selling items on eBay. And because business cards are so easy to get and free online, anyone can order them. And when you think about the designs and fonts that you can get when you are ordering today’s free personalized business cards, you can use your imagination to use them for a variety of different purposes.

Some of the ways that you can use your free personalized business cards are as such:

Business Cards as Calling Cards

Years ago, people had what was called “calling cards.” They just had a name on them at first and as people began to have telephones, they would have a telephone number on them as well. Today, there is so much to put on a card that it is laughable to put them in the same category of yesterday’s calling cards. But they can be used in the same manner.

You can put your name, your e-mail address and even something about yourself and use this as a personal card. If you are dating and want to give someone your cell phone number and your e-mail, which are pretty safe to give out you can give this card out to people who you meet. You want to be careful of what to put on your free personalized business cards. Unlike business cards, you want to use them to give minimal information that is more personal but not too much information.

Business Cards as Small Business Cards

Small businesses need free personalized business cards. Here you can put down more information and make sure that you write down what the business does. If you have a carpet cleaning business, for example, you will want to put down “John’s Carpet Cleaning” on the card. This lets everyone know that you have a business that cleans carpeting.

Business Cards as Your Resume

Some people are using free personalized business cards as a way to have an ongoing resume. They put down what they do on the card and may even list more accomplishments on the back. These mini resumes work sometimes when you are in a pinch, looking for a job and someone asks you for a resume. You can produce one that gives them your pertinent information without having to wait to fax them or e-mail them the actual document. A resume card is a great way to use a free personalized business cards.

People are more inclined to keep business cards than they will keep scraps of paper with phone numbers on them. Business cards are both convenient and attractive. You can hand them to people you meet casually, at meetings or just about anywhere. You never know where you are going to meet potential clients. Free personalized business cards can be used so many different ways, in addition for traditional business purposes.

Article created on 11/3/2008

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