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Here’s a novel idea: why not send postcard business cards? It sounds a bit odd to say the least, in the same sense that a freezing toaster or a cooking fridge would sound odd, but there’s also a strange merit to the idea. Consider the practical implications of postcard business cards – there are thousands, each only as limited as the scope of your own commercial imagination. So let’s have a look at them.

Postcard Business Cards Ideas

  1. Sell them! Tourism? It’s always big, even when you live in the most remote part of the world. Postcard Business Cards will not only draw tourists from other parts of the country or the world to your locale, but acquaint you with your business even before they get here!

  1. Coffee Stains! Just a shot in the dark really, but imagine selling postcard business cards that double as coasters. Everybody drinks something during the day, so why not make sure they keep you in mind when they put their cups down or write a quick note home from the pub?

  1. Origami! Now that we think about it, we shouldn’t actually be giving these ideas away because they seem to have quite a lot of potential. But, our word is our word so next up we’ll suggest a postcard business card which can be folded into a bird, a plane or even a man (just make sure your business logo ends up on the folded result).

  1. Inspire People! Make it a part of your business to inspire people by printing inspirational messages for the day onto your postcard business cards. This will not only reflect positive on your business, but strengthen the bond between the sender and the recipient.

  1. World Records Are Meant To Be Broken! Right, we’re not too sure if there’s a world record for this, but if there is then why not break it? Encourage employees, clients, family and friends to send your postcard business cards to as many people around the world as possible, politely asking for a reply to help compete in a world record. This is business exposure on a level that even the big guns won’t achieve!

Postcard business cards can be a very unique feature of any marketing campaign. As you can see from our examples, there are many weird and strange uses for postcard business cards, some of which we feel we need to keep to ourselves (to blow the competition out of the water).

On a final note, we’d like to encourage the use of well thought out designs and ideas for postcard business cards to ensure that a) postcards remain postcards and that b) your business gets the very best exposure it possibly can. In a world of economic turmoil, every country needs to focus on its businesses to help it back to the top again. Postcard business cards, like any other creative idea put into motion, can signal the start of a new era for your business. So why not give them a try?


Article created on 6/15/2009

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