The Beneficial Aspects of Vertical Business Cards

Horizontal or vertical? There’s only two ways about it.  Well, granted that there are business cards in other shapes out there, we’ll limit this discussion into the above two choices only, thank you very much.  So which way do you go?  Short and wide or tall and thin?

Most conventional business cards are oriented in the horizontal direction.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.  In fact, many of the most successful businesses have used and are still using this type of business card today.  But, did you know that having vertical business cards has its own beneficial aspects?  Let’s look at the pointers below.

In a sea of businesses and the stacks and stacks of business cards that come with it, there is a constant need to be ahead of the pack.  To find an edge.  To be different than the rest.  And one simple way to do that is to have a business card that stands outs.  Since the majority of businesses use horizontal business cards, using a vertical business card will instantly make you stand out from the crowd.

No one ever wrote a rule book that said business cards must be oriented horizontally.  Kudos to that person who first rotated the horizontal business card and said, ‘What if we do it this way?’ and gave us a whole new option to think about.  It’s always good to have choice.  It makes us think about the decisions that we make.  Even if it’s just about business card orientation!  

Vertical business cards are different.  People tend to notice when things are different and out of the norm.  We look at it longer, analyze it, question it and try to make sense of it.  And since vertical business cards are different, people who receive it will tend to do just that.  They will marvel at it, wonder about it and in the process they will tend to remember it better compared to all the other business cards that are just normal.  Whoever said that it’s not good to be different, they were wrong!  Noticing your business card and remembering it is an important first step in taking action and pursuing what is offered by your business further.

Being different is also good in that, it projects that you and your business are the kind that are not confined to conventions, traditions and the norm.  It shows your creative and innovative streak, the ability to think outside of the box and having the guts to be distinct.  These are all important business criterias in this day and age as there are just too many businesses competing out there.

The benefits mentioned above may be subtle and indirect but in the competitive world of business, every little thing that gives you an edge matters.  Having vertical business cards also allow you to play around with different layouts and designs that wouldn’t fit as well in the conventional horizontal orientation.  Browse online for samples of business card designs that you like.  Have fun with it and unleash your creative side.  Check out our website for more ideas to get you started.  Choose a design that will make your business stand tall amongst the rest.

Article created on 10/2/2012

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