Ten Ways to Make Your Business Cards Different and Unique

Tired of plain, white, rectangular business cards? If you are, here are 10 business card tips that will surely make your cards stand out.

  1. Use the color red in the design of your business cards. Red catches the eye and really looks bold, making it stand out. Business cards that have a red border or other accent in this color gets noticed much more quickly by most people, especially when compared to traditional business cards which can seem boring.
  2. Put your recent photo on your business card. Some people may be uncomfortable with this, but it is acceptable and even appreciated by many recipients. A business card with your photo helps people make the connection faster between your person and your business. As such, you will be remembered more often with this design than many others.
  3. Make your business card really stand out by designing it vertically, instead of in the usual horizontal format. This will give them an unusual look that is sure to get attention, and possibly even comments.
  4. Add an image with color to your business cards. Some people include a picture of their favorite cartoon character, and others may draw a design or image for their cards. An image which covers at least a quarter of the business card is the most effective at getting attention and comments, so make sure you size the image accordingly.
  5. Steer away from the traditional rectangle shape. Design your business card as a circle, triangle, or any other shape to make it different and unique.
  6. Design chocolate business cards. Many business card merchants offer these unique, and tasty, business cards but expect a steep price tag to go with this option. These business cards must be kept carefully or they can melt and run, and many people will not hold on to these business cards for long. The good thing is that these business cards usually get eaten, not thrown away.
  7. Use a background that is black, or some other dark color, and use white lettering. Flipping the features of the usual business card is sure to draw comments and interest, and your business card will usually be kept instead of tossed.
  8. If you do business with foreign clients, print your card in two languages, with English on one side of the business card, and the language of your clients on the other side. This will make your foreign contacts feel more comfortable and will help you be remembered because of this.
  9. Use a material other than paper for your business cards. Some places offer leather, bronze, plastic, and a wide variety of other business card materials to choose from. This can help your business card get noticed and make it easy to locate.
  10. Use die cutting techniques in the design of your new business cards. Most business card printers offer this feature, allowing you to get graphic effects on your business card that look real. These can include burn or bullet holes, bite marks, and other special effects. This feature can allow you to customize your business cards so that they are truly unique, with no other ones like them out there.

Article created on 6/19/2008

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