Student Business Cards - Why, When, Where, How?

Student business cards – they seem have some sort of connotation to unofficial purposefulness. Yet one cannot help but think that, in this world of cultures advancing inexplicably fast, they do seem to have some kind of merit. After all, it’s a cut-throat world out there and most of us already in the general employment sector, would most probably sacrifice a limb for a number of good contacts. Alright, perhaps not a limb, but the idea is there. Yet this article is intended for students and the aforementioned could serve as an admonition against remaining isolated in the corporate world. So in terms of the why, when, where and how of student business cards, we’ll take an explorative look at how you can make a success of your corporate future, even before it has started.

Student Business Cards – Why?

What’s the point of student business cards? You’re not qualified, not professional and therefore have no claim to a prospective job above those who’ve been slaving within the very core of the industry for the past couple of years. Why should you have them? Well, to be honest it’s not really about having them, but using them as a form of prospective socio-economical currency in which you’ll be able to dial someone’s number somewhere down the line. In the business world having business cards shows a sense of professionalism, a cast-iron commitment to that clique of financial and industry warriors, even if you don’t belong yet.

Student Business Cards – When?

As we’ve said, it’s about networking. This means you should try and exchange cards as often as you can with as many people as you can. In addition you should remember to keep them about your person as often as you can to avoid the embarrassment of not having them when someone else wants to exchange student business cards.

Student Business Cards – Where?

So where should you hand out your student business cards? Well, we’re sure this one is pretty self-explanatory. Consider formal academic events, seminars and the like. You might even want to carry it with you on a Saturday night (ok, perhaps not when you’re on a date) as you never know who you’ll meet. The important thing is to spot the opportunities and use them as much as often to get your name out there and, conversely, to get as many names as you can.

Student Business Cards – How?

Some of the trickier aspects of student business cards is of course deciding what you want on the card itself. Seeing as you are in no official capacity to claim a title or associate yourself with a company (except if you are an entrepreneur with your own company), the most you can do is state your name. In addition you might want to consider adding something about yourself that people might remember, for example “know everything about money” if you are studying economics or “the future’s greatest oboe player” for those studying music. Other than that you should consider adding some contact information, like an e-mail address.

Now, having been students ourselves we know that money is usually a problem. In fact, it is always a problem. So here’s a tip on how to get your student business cards done cheaply: use an online business card printer. Why? Because they are usually cheaper than normal printers. In fact, some of them only require you to pay for packaging and posting on certain student business cards.

Article created on 5/18/2009

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