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In a day and age when business cards have become an essential commodity in terms of our every day comings and goings, it stands to reason that those who supply the rest of the business (and social, if you include calling cards) community with their business cards, might just be among the few who run to the bank on a daily basis with a huge smile on their faces. That being said, what does it take to start your own business card printing company?

Business Card Company Formalities

As with any business out there, there are a couple of things to keep in mind before you can jump in and start making money. Think in terms of business registration, insurance and tax registration. These basic business necessities will vary from state to state and indeed from country to country. And, aside from that, there is of course the all important business plan; the compass of decision making.

Now for those unfamiliar with the normal layout of a business plan, we’ll let you know that it isn’t rocket science, especially for a business that you plan to drive from your home. The essentials of any business plan, even one for business cards, include a detailed analysis of projected expenditures and incomes based on a target market. Perhaps you are aiming to sell your business cards in your locale? Perhaps even online? Wherever you think you’ll be making your money, you’ll have to estimate realistic expenditures (easy) and incomes (not always so easy).

Business Card Equipment

As you may have read, there are a couple of alternatives to printing your business cards at home. Aside from going to your local printer, you may consider printing your business cards with a someone on the Internet. This has a couple of benefits in the sense that the only thing it will really cost you is packaging & posting as well as the fees associated with the printing of the business cards. This means you’ll save on fuel (especially with the current state of the economy) and attribute to the conservation of the environment.

If you do plan on doing it yourself, however, you’ll definitely need a computer, appropriate software, a printer capable of printing those heavier paper types (and perhaps even different paper types) as well as a tool to cut the business cards with. This option is of course open to those with sufficient start-up capital, but should be thoroughly considered first due to the both the initial and recurring costs associated with the software, paper and ink.

Business Card Printing

Take a moment to think about the many business cards you have seen. Which ones did you like the best and why did you like them? Chances are that there are several hundred if not thousands or tens of thousands of people also like them, just like you. This is also a good point to start at as those companies who don’t have a design of their own, will count on you for something that will keep their clients aware of them.

So, that being said, you are now ready to start printing and selling business cards!


Article created on 5/11/2009

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