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In spite of arguments that electronic social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter have rendered business cards obsolete, there is a place for the business card. What electronic communication has done is up the ante. Business cards need to be exceptional to capture the receiver’s immediate attention. Otherwise, they will end up in the trash! 

If you are computer savvy you can use one the many business card templates to create your own business card design. If you are not, hire a graphic artist. It’s worth the expense to have an extraordinary business card!

Face-to-face meetings still occur in spite of teleconferencing and video meetings and Skype. The business card has a place at these meetings and at every other written communication you send out. Have lots of business cards ready to distribute at business meetings, conferences, seminars, forums and social events.

Networking events have become popular—perhaps because so much is done electronically now. This is an excellent opportunity to exchange business cards.

Attach a business card to letters, press releases, brochures, flyers, public relations kits, memos, thank you cards...anything you send out or distribute in written form.

Okay. We’ve talked about how to create a good business card. We’ve talked about when to disseminate them. But, how do you prevent them from being discarded?

Make it interesting. Make it professional. Make it colorful. Offer incentives like: “download a coupon from my website at...” or “present this card and receive 20% of your first order”. People love free stuff!!

Why not try new wrinkles on the old business card? Create a magnet card. Magnetic business cards are often placed in a conspicuous place—desk, filing cabinet, fridge, bulletin board… The information is right in front of them when potential customers want to contact you. No more shuffling through a pile of business cards, a wallet, a credit card holder or a file folder.

What’s more your magnet card can be used to hold papers and thus is doubly functional. Magnetic cards last longer and don’t get dog-eared. They continue to look new. They are worth the extra expense. You can custom design the shape to reflect your business. For instance: cookie shaped magnets for a baking or catering business; a horse-shaped magnet for a blacksmith; a car-shaped magnet for an automotive business; a dryer shaped magnet for hair stylist. My cardiologist distributes heart-shaped business card magnets. My hair dresser hands out mirror business cards. My friend who plans children’s parties has a business card shaped like a birthday hat! The local oldies radio station has cards shaped like a juke box. Our landscaper’s magnetic business card is shaped like a garden tractor. This is a place where you can get creative!

Another great alternative is the plastic business card. It looks unique—automatically separating it from the rest of the business cards. Plastic cards remain new looking and can take a lot of abuse in pockets, wallets, and bulletin boards. They do not fade or become wrinkled and tattered. Plastic cards have wow appeal to potential clients. Your customers will remember your card when it comes time to seek your services. 

Plastic cards and magnets are popular inclusions in press kits and information packets.

No matter how electronic we become, there is still a place for a professional business card. For more information and help to design the best business card, a good place to start is

Article created on 12/11/2012

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