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Pamphlet printing is probably one of the less discussed topics on the internet since most people either assume that that’s left to the business proprietor and is dependant on the locale of said individual. It does however remain one of those rather incessant headaches that just can’t seem to go away. And for that reason we’ve decided to take it upon ourselves to introduce you to a more soothing and organised way of both pamphlet printing and distribution that could end up saving you a couple of those hard-earned dollars.

Most who’ve done their own printing know that it seldom comes out perfectly the first time. Things tend to look different on screen than it does on paper, especially colours and shapes. That not only draws on one’s patience, but also paper and ink. It would therefore be prudent to find someone who’ll be able to take on the burden for you and use their experience in the field to get the job done in virtually no time at all. So where do you find someone like this? Of course there is always the local printer, however they seldom specialise in graphic design and tend to cost so much more than it would have done doing the job in the office. Yet, there is another way of getting all the printing done…

Pamphlet Printing The Online Way

Online pamphlet printing presents a simple and effective solution to pamphlet design and printing problems. This doesn’t mean that they will do the design for you (well, some might but it could end up costing you a pretty penny), but their teams of graphic designers are adept at ironing out those crinkles usually associated with bad quality images and text that won’t fit. In addition they’ll be able to supply you with a sample of what the final product will look like before the printing commences.

So, that takes care of the pamphlet printing. But, what about the distribution of your pamphlets? Imagine getting back anything from 500 to a couple of thousand pamphlets and having to stamp them all before the mail is collected. Perhaps it’s not your job, but we can almost guarantee that it’s not a pleasant job for the person that has to do it.

Most online printers that offer pamphlet printing also offer an additional mail-out service. This means that they’ll label, stamp and post your pamphlets in addition to the pamphlet printing service they already supply according to any contact list you supply them with. For those not intending to send their pamphlets by post, we can only recommend that you submit your order well in advance as that could have a direct influence on the cost of the printing job.

On a final note it remains to be said that online pamphlet printing and distribution usually costs less than doing it yourself or sending it to a local printer. It does need saying that careful research should be done when attempting to find a suitable online pamphlet printing service their as prices and services may vary.


Article created on 4/27/2009

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