Optimizing Your Business Cards for Repeat Business

Business cards are a smart way to market your products or services. When someone is truly interested in your business, giving them a card with a variety of ways to make contact will be appreciated and often used. Handing out business cards with contact information printed on them is the traditional way of personal marketing. But you might want to consider that in the age of technology, even your business cards have to be competitive. One of the best ways of remaining competitive is to attract repeat business. You should optimize your business cards to encourage customers to return.

Business Cards Can Combine Two Incentives for Maximum Impact

How can you design your business cards to bring repeat business? Offer prospective customers a discount for showing the card every time they make a purchase. Combine the offer with “punching” for a specific product or service that will be completely free when purchases have been made X amount of times. This can be the literal punching where holes are made with a paper punch or it can mean little boxes that get checked off every time the customer shows the card at purchase. Not only will your customers appreciate the deal they get by using the card, they will look forward to the reward.

Obviously the reward must be substantial enough to warrant a customer’s business when he otherwise might choose a more convenient option, but it shouldn’t be something that costs you more to fulfill than you make in profit from their purchases. The reward itself should make a good impression and prompt your new loyal customer to continue doing business with you. Make that the focal point of these particular business cards. When your customer pulls his or her card out, they should instantly be reminded of what they have to look forward to when they have “punched” their specified amount of purchases.

If you have given someone discounts and then rewarded them for using the discounts, it is likely they will think of you the next time they need the service or product you offer. Let’s face it, no amount of discounts and rewards will bring a person in if they don’t like what you are offering.

Business Cards SHOULD Go Viral

Don’t make the deal conditional for the use of one person. If a customer passes it on, it will likely be to someone else who is interested in what you have to offer. The reward at the end should be significant enough to keep the business cards in play and out of the trash can. If you use your imagination, your business cards can be capable of great things.

The use of small rewards followed by a larger one is as basic as applying psychology. When the small award may not seem to be enough to make the difference between choosing your business over another, the larger one beckons and the small award is the extra “cheese”. Add repeat purchase optimization to your business cards and watch your profits grow.

Article created on 10/6/2008

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