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Ever wondered if you could make your own business cards? Like most other things in life, it is not only possible, but downright easy. In this article we’ll look at different ways of making business cards that will not only serve the usual function, which is to inform others of who you are and what you do, but also have an edge to make sure those who have your business card keeps you in mind. So, to start off, we’ll list a couple of things for you to keep in mind when you make your own business cards.

Key Things To Remember When You Make Your Own Business Cards

Business cards are a form of advertising, very much like pamphlets, flyers and brochures. They are a reflection on the business image; a part of the creative professionalism of the business entity in question and could well be a deciding factor for prospective clients who are considering to enter into business with the card holder or the company. Psychology therefore plays a big part when considering a suitable design for any business card.

Consider the senses, those little things that tell us we’re alive each day, be it when we taste, smell, touch, hear and see. Of these five senses, the last two are used far more than the other three and it is also those two used when we decide to buy something. When you make your own business cards they should therefore aim to stimulate those three senses in order to create an impression on the recipient. Let’s take a closer look:

See: This is the visual component of your business card – how it looks. Do you have a striking image? Perhaps a design that not only suggest the dynamic aspects of your business, but also the nature? As you make your own business cards, keep in mind that less is sometimes better. Most great things are simplistic by their very nature.

Touch: Ever notice how everybody seems to print their business cards on the same old glossy cardboard? It might look nice when you get it, but after you’ve received five of them they start to lose their appeal. Do something different, add a bit of touch-appeal to your business card that people will want to feel in their hands.

Right, up until now we’ve covered the psychological aspects of design by giving you a sense of direction. Now we’ll see how you can apply them.

To make your own business cards you will need, at the very least, a computer and a printer. A connection to the internet will be beneficial as there are many software packages designed specifically for this purpose. Now, when designing the business card on the computer, keep in mind that all you’ll really want to do is share essential information with future contacts. More often than not this only include the business name, the card holder’s name and relevant contact information. Additionally you might want to use image editing software to create a suitable design to enhance your business card’s visual aspect.

When you’ve done designing the business card, it’s on to the printing. Remember that your business card’s texture is very important, so it will pay to invest in a textured paper of your choice. Do keep in mind that printers usually have limitations on what type of paper they can print on, so be sure to refer to the corresponding user’s manual.

At this stage we’ll assume that your business card has been designed and printed. So that’s that then, right? Wrong. This is where you have the opportunity to add something very unusual to your business card. Consider the nature of your business – flowers, fibre designs, photographs? With just a little bit of creativity, you can add something extra in the shape of dried petals, a piece of fibre or a piece of used camera film. This will not only enhance the image of your card, but make an impression on the intended recipient.

That being said, there’s nothing left to do but make your own business cards.


Article created on 3/30/2009

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