Its Time to Get Creative!

Business cards do not have to be stuffy and boring to be effective. In fact, the opposite is true. If your business cards resemble those from decades ago, maybe it is time for you to shake things up, and design a business card that reflects your personality and the modern times. You want your business cards to stand out, but black lettering on plain white paper does not do that in the current business world. You have to get creative and design business cards that will draw attention and be different, not look like all the others.

Unique Business Card Ideas

There are many ways that you can be creative with your business card and still have it look professional. Modern business card design offers a large variety of options to help you customize your business cards so that they are unique. Using the back of your business card allows you to double the effect your business card can have, by allowing you to include twice as much on your card. Many companies who do business with foreign countries have dual language business cards. The front of the card has the information in English, and when you flip the card over the same information is available in a second language.

Business cards which offer something seem to be very popular, so why not include this feature. You can offer a discount for purchases with the card, or promote a special concerning free products or services, such as buy five get one free offers.

You can even create a business card which doubles as a punch card, so each purchase is validated. These methods are an easy way to get people to keep your business cards, instead of tossing them in the first trash receptacle they find. Some businesses add an appointment form to their business card, writing down the next appointment day and time before giving the business card to the person.

You can use your business card to get feedback from clients and customers. Decide some questions that concern your business, and then create a survey on the back of your business card. It should contain just a few questions, too many will not fit, and an incentive for people to fill out the survey and return it. This can be accomplished by offering a discount or free item when the survey business card is returned. If you use this method, be sure to follow up by sending out regular business cards to everyone who has responded to the survey, to replace the survey business card.

Switch materials or formats for your new business cards, choosing something different instead of plain white paper. Add color to the background, or add a colorful border or design. Die cutting technology will allow you to add special effects, such as holes and bite marks of various sizes. Use plastic, metal, or even chocolate as the material for your business cards. These cards may cost significantly more than traditional business cards, but the effect they have is well worth the extra costs.

Article created on 7/7/2008

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