How Your Business Cards Can Bring You Bigger Business Opportunities

With the increase in electronic communication we’ve become more and more a “paperless society”. That’s why many argue that the use of business cards has become outdated. 

PDAs, iPhones, laptops and BlackBerry's all make use of electronic databases. Why, then, would a user of the aforesaid technology consider it necessary to have hard and keep copy business cards?

Many networking situations like meetings forums, seminars and conferences have gone the route of tele-transmission to offset travel time and cost. Those instances that used to be ripe for passing out business cards have disappeared with the introduction of Internet and Wi-Fi and mobile applications.

Many businesses have gone e-business or have devoted a part of their goods and services to online commerce where business cards are unnecessary and peculiar to an Internet-based company.

Printing and design and materials costs have also increased making business cards more expensive to create and to reproduce. As well, environmentally-conscious groups have sought to save trees by eliminating extra paper products. 

All of the above have forced our society to rethink the place of the business card in today’s business and commerce.

Business Card Tips

However, there will always be a place for the business card. Many still prefer a hardcopy reference they can affix to a bulletin board or file cabinet. They like to jot information about their encounter on the back of the card as a reminder or memory trigger.

Those who are seeking to introduce a new product or service or even a new website use business cards to get known, as a reference to their URL or as a point-form overview of their goods and/or services. The back of a business card is an excellent spot for this capsule view. 

Business cards go hand in hand with first impressions of the business person who is handing them out. A slickly created business card will enhance a potential client’s impression of the business and its spokesperson.

The business card also allows an agent of that company to offer savings, discounts and get-acquainted deals. The back of your business card might be a coupon for 15% off your first visit. It might direct you to download a coupon or a free booklet from your website. My friend who owns a restaurant distributes business cards which offer receivers a free appetizer if they bring in three friends. Another encourages them to fill out the birthday information on the web and get a free dessert. Tell-a-friend offers through information on your business card are very popular. So, too, are: “drop your business card in our bowl when you dine with us and be eligible to win dinner for two” campaigns.

Business cards are one of the least expensive forms of advertising. They are more effective than many advertising media because they come with a personal touch.

When you send out or hand out any written communication: invoices, letters, press releases, information packages, flyers and newsletters attach a business card. You never know who will use this to promote you business to a friend.

Do your utmost to make your card stand out from the others. Colored cover stock is an excellent start. Hire a graphic artist to work with you on a logo, a slogan, a banner and placement of easy-to-read print on your card.  It will be money well spent.

Use the same banner, logo and slogan on all your communication: letterhead, brochures, business cards and your website. That way people will have instant recognition. You doubt the effectiveness of this procedure? Think about McDonald’s Big Mac recognizable by any child before he learns to read!

Article created on 11/27/2012

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