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So you’ve got your own business card business (or are considering it) and wondering how you would market something intended for... marketing. Well stop slapping your head because it is easy as pie and all down to how willing and motivated you are. You see, the key thing about business cards is that they are a bit like baseball cards – the good ones are always hard to find.

The 1-2-3 Of Business Card Originality

Right, there are basically two types of business cards. The first type refers to those who look pretty much like business cards. They may have a very interesting pattern of graphic and provide all the correct information, but essentially they are still just business cards and will be filed along with the many other just like them. For these kinds of business cards you’ll need to create a fitting sample of what you have to offer and go the traditional marketing ways such as advertising in local media and making them available to small businesses who are unable to afford the costs associated with higher quality designs.

The other type of business card is the type that has the ability to market itself. Not only does it not look like a business card, but it doesn’t feel, smell or even taste like your usual business card (everyone’s a child at some stage in their life). These business cards appeal to the senses and immediately intrigue those who they are handed to due to some clever little trick associated with them.

Now if you are wondering what you could possibly do to make business cards like these, here are a couple of tips:

  • Consider the business your client’s are in. Do they use any special materials? Do they make any singular products? And, more importantly, can you get any leftovers from them? An example would be to use pieces of metal from a scrap yard, leather from a shoe factory and even soap from a soap maker.

  • Could people use it for anything? Just think about a business card capable of opening bottles! Many a man would come running (and a few women too) for one of these and, best of all, your client as well as you get the needed exposure.

  • Can they eat it? Now this is a tricky one as you would have some problems if people became ill after eating your business card. The key here is to take health standards into account and then produce edible business cards which people will crave for on a regular basis.

  • Can they collect it? Much like baseball cards, business cards are being collected. But, what if you made a series out of them featuring a sport or sporting hero (who agreed to it) of your choice?

The purpose here is to demonstrate that if you are able to come up with a singular idea for a business card, you’ll only need to hand a couple out before they start being marketed by one of the most powerful marketing techniques out there: word of mouth.

This will ensure that your clients get the attention they deserve, but also that you get the exposure you need to sell even more business cards to a wider target audience.


Article created on 4/6/2009

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