How to Make Your Business Card One-of-a-Kind

Tired of boring business cards? If you REALLY want to make an impression the minute you hand over your business card, then it’s time to think outside the box! Here’s a few tips on how you can make your business card stand out from the rest.

Six Ways Your Business Card Can Generate Buzz

  1. Print your business card information on a fake dollar bill. In a sales / marketing convention, one guy handed a business card that was really unique. He handed over a fake dollar bill with his face printed at the front. It may sound a bit cheeky but don’t forget it was a SALES convention. So the guy managed to create buzz about himself and convey the fact that he was great at marketing since his card generated buzz the minute he handed them out.
  2. Print your business card on a different type of material. For instance, you can have your business card printed with Braille (the method used by blind people to read and write). Also, consider your industry. If you’re into fashion, why not have one side or a part of your business card covered in silk or any fabric you choose? Or even if it’s not related, why not have the back side of your business card covered with a thin layer of rubber? All this makes your card a conversation piece, and will more likely be kept by the recipient because of its uniqueness.
  3. Put your picture on your business card. A lot of people don’t like this but then again, why not? No one hardly ever does so this is your chance to make your professional card stand out!
  4. Always order the standard business card size but play with the shape. Don’t have business cards made that are not the standard size. This is because most people have a standard card holder and if your card does not fit, well, you know where that’s going! However, you can still stand out by playing with the shape. You can have one of the edges curved or have one of the edges look like a paperclip was attached to it.
  5. Make sure your business card is ‘scannable’. It’s the digital age and most people look to their online Address Books if they want to find someone. Well, make it easy for people to add you on their Address Books by ensuring that your business cards are scannable. You may want to avoid the glossy text and fancy font for this purpose.
  6. Your business card looks great… but what do you do again? Consider this: most business cards have CONTACT information but not information on WHY you should be contacted in the first place! Even a single sentence (e.g., “Call me if you need a new car plan.”) can do wonders for you if you include it on your card.

Article created on 7/14/2008

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