How to Make Money Handing Out Your Business Cards

If I told you that you can make money handing out your business cards, would you head out to the printers’ right this instant?  If only it were that simple, everybody would be doing it and laughing their way to the banks now!  The fact is, you CAN make money by handing out your business card.  It’s just a matter of what you print on the card, how you hand it out and who you hand it out to.

So what is it that you need to print on your business card to make it stand out and more importantly, for people to want to give their money to you?  Here is where you can utilize the backside of your business card.  Instead of leaving it blank, why not print out a voucher that can be presented or shown the next time the person shops at your store, takes up one of your services or refers a new customer.  Consider it as money business cards.  You give some to get some.  You can offer a freebie for certain purchases or discounts on selected services, it is up to you.  Everybody loves a good bargain or a free gift, so coupons and vouchers are always in.  What better promotion for your business to have it combined together with your business card.

You can also hand out your business card along with other sales brochures or promotional leaflets that you have.  This is great to give potential clients an overview of the existing or new items that you may have on offer that will not fit onto the back of your business card.  Handing out the brochures and business card together ensures that they have a good feel of what you are offering and they know your specific contact details when they decide to follow through.

When handing out your business card and brochures, do it in a pleasant and courteous manner.  It’s not just about making the sale; it’s about making a connection with the client.  If possible, take some time to chat with them to find out their interests and needs.  In doing so, you will create rapport and be better suited to suggest the best product and service that may fulfil their requirements.  Some people may not even know or realize what they need!  It is your job to highlight to them what you can do and what they are missing.  

Lastly, it is also important to consider who you are handing out your business cards to.  Are they the most likely customers that are willing to spend on your products or services?  Instead of printing thousands of business cards and handing it out to every passerby at the corner of a mall, consider choosing who you may want to hand it out to.  Find out about networking meetings, attend events where likeminded people gather, join some clubs or associations and get to know the members.  Hand out your business card to people with purchasing power and those who make the purchasing decisions in their household.

Make every business card that you hand out count.  Try out the above suggestions and you will surely make money handing out your business card.  For more business card tips, browse through our website

Article created on 9/18/2012

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