How to Get Free Business Cards

Do you want to know how to get free business cards for your business? Even if you have a small freelance business, you need to get business cards. As a matter of fact, many people are even getting them for themselves as calling cards. Yes, the old fashioned calling cards are coming back. This time with an e-mail address so people can keep in touch.

You certainly will not be able to get free business cards at a printer’s shop. They will charge you about $30 for business cards. And they will not look as good as the cards that you can get for free online. There are two ways that you can get free business cards. They are as follows:

Print Your Business Cards Yourself

You can print up your own business cards on your own computer. The problem is that these cards come on card stock and are perforated. The good news is that you can print up the business cards yourself and design them from home. The bad news is that they will not look that good and will have perforated edges - a sure fire sign that you printed your own cards. Yes, you can print them yourself, but these free business cards will not look as good as professionally printed business cards.

Get Your Business Cards Online

Get your free business cards printed online. If you do this, you can have your choice of designs, get whatever you want printed on your card and best of all, they are totally free. And these free business cards look professional as well. They do not look like the home made business cards that you print yourself on your computer. When you get free business cards online, you can hand them out with pride. You will not look as though you have a home made business but will look very professional with your cards.

Even if you sell on eBay, you can use business cards. Because they are now available free, they can be used for a variety of different purposes. Probably at least once a week, you meet someone with whom you would like to keep in touch. How do you exchange any information? If you write it on a piece of paper, chances are that they get lost. One nice thing about a business card is that it fits conveniently in a wallet and can be held onto. Some people even collect business cards that they get from other people.

When you are looking for free business cards, you should get them online rather than try to print them yourself. Printing them yourself is a waste of ink as well as paper. They look cheap and unprofessional. When you get them printed online, they look professional.

Take a look online and pick out a design that you like. The business cards that you can get for free today are better looking than those that were made by printers years ago. When you are looking for free business cards, take a look at those available online.

Article created on 9/29/2008

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