How To Cut Down Corporate Business Printing Costs


Corporate business printing remains one of the biggest office expenses of many businesses. Can downscaling be seen as a cost-effective solution? Perhaps its efficacy depends largely on other cost-saving initiatives throughout the organization and the adherence to those methods to be successful. And yet one wonders to what degree such a limitation should be imposed on the output of the documents. Does it mean moving from a beautiful glossy color print to something produced on standard office printing paper? What about spreadsheets, graphs and graphics that form part of presentation paperwork? Where to draw the line with corporate business printing cuts – that is of course the question.

Corporate Business Printing: A Closer Look

What makes corporate business printing so expensive? No, this is not a trick question. The answer, of course, is printing. Incredibly simple, isn’t it? But perhaps more to the point is taking a look at what amounts are being printed and by whom. How many pages are lost to mistakes? And when you look at it really closely, you have to start wondering who really cares? Perhaps only the member of management in charge of the office budget.

While there are various of ways of cutting down on office printing, two of which we’ll look at a bit later, it remains evident that the most effective way of controlling soaring corporate business printing costs (without losing any of the glossy color) is through regulation. This means looking at the amount of pages printed, the amount of pages finally used and what they are used for.

Corporate Business Printing: Two Super Saving Tips

Blame the above subheading on a lack of coffee, perhaps a lack of imagination, but it is a fact that, when properly implemented, these two modus operandi of corporate business printing will in fact start saving on corporate printing expenditures immediately.

  1. Print Servers – In our day and age of technological advance there exist certain IT solutions that perform the function of print regulation.

Print servers are dedicated machines connected to a local area network (LAN) that monitor the printing on the network and where they originate from. They are capable of producing reports according to various criteria to assist management in identifying the culprits responsible for unnecessary printing. Although print servers might be an initial expenditure, they are bound save in the long run.

  1. Online Printing – Online printing is a way of outsourcing big printing projects whilst keeping a number of small printers in the office for administrative purposes. The key benefit associated with online printing, in terms of corporate business printing, is that managers would need to authorise any big print jobs that are sent out. An additional benefit is that the printing job itself is done professionally according to client-determined criteria. Online printers tend to be cheaper than physical printing bureaus, thereby saving the business even more on associated costs.

That being said, it remains the responsibility of each and every business to ensure that expenses are at a minimum, especially in trying economic times. It could, after all, be that little bit extra saved from corporate business printing that sees the company through to more prosperous times.



Article created on 2/2/2009

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