Good Flyer Design - How To Stick Out Like A Sore Thumb


A Good flyer design is essentially the product of a person’s productivity. Take a look at a couple of fundamental issues related to good flyer design which might just set you ahead of your competitors.

Good Flyer Design & Excellent Copy

Good flyer design and an excellent copy go hand-in-hand. And as you may or may not know, the copy of a flyer relates to the words on the page. This means everything from the first letter to the last full stop. So why is it so important?

Well, to be honest with you, a pretty picture or a beautifully designed image might add to the sale of a product, but ultimately it depends on the words to work the magic. The trick obviously lies in using the correct words for your flyer, which is why copywriters also call themselves ‘wordsmiths’. So, what are the right words then?

In good flyer design, effective copy relates to stating those things that the customers want to know. Of course anyone can do that: if two companies advertise

"golf balls - $2"

on their respective flyers, would you be enticed to go to either of them? No, of course not – you know they sell golf balls and do so at $2. Nothing special. What you do want to know however is whether they have a large stock of other things that might be of interest to you (because, face it, people simply love to spend money). So, now the proprietor of one of the aforementioned shops reads this article and prints the following:

"Tom’s Sport Shop: Golf Balls Special - $2; Big discounts on selected items."

See the difference? Already you are made aware that Tom has more than just golf balls in his shop and that some of those items might also be cheaper than, say, his competitor who simply sells golf balls at $2 each. The key lies in communicating your business and the good things about it to people. Good flyer design depends on words, even before the actual layout and design.

Good Flyer Design: Make It Brilliant!

Now, if you’ve just read the previous section you might be one of those who went “Yeah, I already knew that. Big deal”. Indeed, it is a big deal because it is something you want people to read. But the majority of people who receive the flyers don’t do so because there is one fundamental flaw: the design is wrong! Good flyer design depends on using the right amount of words in the right place centred around an eye catching design.

Consider those flyers you often receive for the gym – usually printed on white or red (sometimes blue) paper in black ink with a bad copy of a bodybuilder or fitness instructor. Who’ll go there, even if their rates are good? What’s the mistake they made? Too many words? Different fonts? Different size fonts? It’s boring! Consider an alternative that will work: a piece of paper half the size of the original flyer, white. Right in the centre is an eloquent abstract design to denote the topic of fitness or strength with a list of services, prices and above all words that inspire trust. The reason why this will works is known as something called “white space”, which means that, when looking at a page which is predominantly white, it will be easier to notice the bit that isn’t.

These represent the basics of good flyer design which every business can aspire to. Some may even argue that a successful flyer doesn’t require so much creativity as a bit of logic, words, and a couple of sound marketing principles. It could very well be true.


Article created on 3/23/2009

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