Full Color Brochure Printing - A Guide

You know you’re struggling with full color brochure printing when you just can’t seem to get the colors right or the graphics in focus. Everything comes out blurry and somehow they just don’t seem to resemble that which you have on screen. It’s frustrating, you literally feel like pulling your own hair out or giving the printer a swift kick in the wiring! So what now? The boss wants the material and you feel like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Well there is, and it’s us. In the following guide we’ll give you a rundown of a couple of things that could just make your life way easier in terms of full color business printing.

Full Color Brochure Printing Solutions

There are a number of solutions associated with full color business printing. Immediately we would like to state that the best way to save yourself a lot of grey hair is to outsource those printing jobs. Consider online printers for example. They’re cheap, usually more so than the printing firm around the corner, and they’ll make the procedure as quick and effortless as humanly possible. That being said, we are quite sure that there are a couple of die hard readers out there who’d rather solve the full color brochure printing problem by themselves. If that’s you, then keep on reading as we’ll most probably light on something that could help you out.

One of the key areas many people lose quality is no so much the printer they use, but the software programs. An example would be using an image editor such as Adobe Photoshop to design an advertisement. On screen it looks great; the words are in place and crystal clear and the image itself is excellent. Yet, when printed, everything becomes blurry. Why? Image editors aren’t supposed to print words. Nor, in many cases, are they calibrated to print graphics. The key here is to use software specific to the purpose, for example Adobe InDesign which has vector graphics capabilities and therefore suitable to print words and images in crystal clear quality.

Another thing capable of offsetting full color brochure printing is the printer used. Most small printers aren’t capable of printing at a high dpi (dots per inch) value, therefore automatically losing some of the quality associated with the print. It therefore stands to reason that, should you wish to excellent full color brochure printing capabilities, a good printer will be your best bet.

Finally all we can say is that you should adhere to some basic design principles if you want your full color brochure printing to be a success. This includes the concept of rather having to scale an image down instead of trying to blow it up, expecting it to stay the same (this is only possible with vector graphics). In addition it will help to be familiar with the color calibration of your printer since the red of one printer will be different from the red of another.

Other than that, it takes a fair amount of patience and trial and error. Should you feel that it is getting the better of you, keep our suggestion of an online printer in mind for all your full color brochure printing needs.

Article created on 3/16/2009

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