Four Places You Should Keep Your Business Cards

Where is the best place to keep your business cards?  The answer is simple – you!  It is best to keep your business cards with or on you at all times.  Always have a stash of your business cards in your wallet or handbag, ready to be given out when needed.  Therefore you never miss out on an opportunity to hand it to friends, new acquaintances and most importantly, potential clients, anywhere or anytime you need to.

But, what if you run out on those?  Where are other good places that you should keep your business cards?  Here are our business card tips and four places where we think you should also keep your supply of business cards handy:

  1. At Home
    Aside from your office, your home is where you spend most of your time.  If you enjoy entertaining guests and visitors in your home, it is a good idea to have your business cards ready as a good icebreaker to hand out or as parting gifts to remind them to get in touch with you for any consultation or services in the future.  You can also hand your business card to neighbors to let them know what you do for a living.  This is especially great for new neighbors or those who have just moved into town and are still looking to acquaint themselves with local businesses or service providers like you.
  2. In your gym bag or gym locker
    The gym or fitness studio is a great place to meet new people.  Moreover, you already know that you have something in common with them and it is easier to create the much needed rapport before you introduce them to your business.  You may even want to ask the gym if they would allow you to place some of your business cards at their information counter or lounge for any potential clients to pick up if they want to.
  3. At suitable outlets such as schools, shops, information counters
    Just as the example with the gym above, you can look out for any other suitable outlets where you can place your business cards for people to pick up.  You can try out schools, training centers, shops or information counters where you feel people may be looking for products or services like yours.  Be mindful in the places you choose to place them though and be sure to ask for permission.  Your business cards are an investment in itself and you wouldn’t want them to be thrown out or picked up by just about any passerby, only to be thrown in the trash a few steps later.
  4. In local publications
    If you are willing to spend a little (or a lot) more, you may consider running a copy of your business card in any local publications that are suited to your business.  Use an exact replica of your business card so that people will instantly recognize it again if they have seen your business card before.  (You save on having to do the layout design again, as well!)  Advertising is always a good idea to have yourself and your business out there to be seen by your local consumers.  Inserting your business card layout into local publications is one way to achieve this.

What do you think of our business card ideas above?  For the best business cards to suit your needs, browse through our website for more tips and ideas.

Article created on 10/16/2012

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