Exploiting Every Possible Use of Business Cards

Just like an identification card, your business card is your identity.  A good business card pretty much tells a person seeing it everything they would instantly want to know about you.  Your name, what you do for a living, where you work and how they can get in touch with you.  And this has long been the use of business cards, as a communication device and networking tool.

How do you make good use of the business cards you receive?  Keeping a well organized collection of business cards for yourself, you can quickly build up your own rolodex of product and service providers that you may need in the future.  No more referring to the yellow pages or searching online.  At networking meetings or events, hold on to the business cards you receive or place them in front of you to help you remember the person’s name.  This is a good first step in building rapport with other business owners or professionals that can later be beneficial for your business.

Now what about your own business cards?  What else can you do to make them stand out from the stacks of other business cards out there?  Let’s look at some ideas that you can consider.

Business cards are usually print on one side only. So why not utilize the other side with a useful feature that people can actually refer to.  You can use the other side to print out a calendar, list of local events or holidays, emergency numbers for your area or conversion scales for common measurements. People would more likely keep the business card in their wallets or handbags if they can refer to information printed on it.  This means that they would also be reminded of you and your business every time they look at the card and would be able to refer you to others if needed.

The other side of the business card can also be used as an appointment card.  Instead of having to write out reminders on notebooks or typing it into organizers, make it easy for your clients to remember when their next appointment is scheduled for. You can also put in reminders for them such as when their insurance policy is due or when the kids’ next vaccination is and so on.  

You can incorporate vouchers on your backside of your business card.  Everyone loves a good bargain and you can use this to entice potential customers by giving them an offer they cannot refuse.  Print out a voucher on the backside of your business card that they can show to obtain discounts or freebies the next time they shop at your store or take up any of your services.

Turn your business card into a work of art using different shapes, striking colors and beautiful graphics.  Nobody said all businesses cards have to be rectangular and in white!  Choose a vibrant color, put in an inspiring quote to make people remember and want to look at your card.  They might even post it up on their notice board for everyone else to see.

And how about this? Incorporate a ruler with measurements on one edge of your business card?  It may seem an unlikely idea but for me personally, a ruler usually comes in handy in unexpected situations.  Your business card does not have to be a foot long.  Just a few inches would suffice!

These are just some of the ideas to exploit every possible use of business cards.  Creative business cards help you stand out from the rest and can be used to show off a bit of your personality and artistic flair especially if you are working in the creative industry or working on your own.  For businesses and organizations, having useful business cards ensures that your card will be well kept and referred to time and time again as needed. 

Article created on 10/30/2012

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