Exclusive Business Card Types to Boost Your Sales and Revenues

The way your business card looks and the information it conveys are important keys in improving your revenues and sales. Look for business card templates that truly fit your business style, look and brand. If you are just starting out in business or have a small business, you might think that an exclusive business card design or quality business card templates are out of your reach, things that only large, established businesses can afford.

Many templates for business cards offer high quality designs and can give you an exclusive look that can be one of your most affordable, effective tools to increase business revenue and sales. You can order business cards from several different online companies that will give you a choice of exclusive business card templates that will suit your taste and business needs. 

When it comes time to print the exclusive business card design you have selected, you also have many different options that can push your business forward in the eyes of business colleagues and customers. In addition to different exclusive templates for business cards, the different printing processes and types of business cards can seem overwhelming at first.

Business cards are always printed on card stock, with limited exceptions. Card stock is a heavier type of paper that can hold up to handling. It is much more durable and will stay in pristine condition much longer than thinner types of paper. Card stock comes in different finishes, from matte, which is a regular, non-glossy paper finish, to glossy UV coated papers. UV gloss coating can be applied to the entire card for a shiny, durable finish, or it can be overprinted on certain card areas to create a distinctive exclusive business card design.

The most basic type of business card is simple black printing on white or cream card stock. The card may be engraved, producing a classic business card design. Some inexpensive printing processes can duplicate the raised look of engraved printed lettering. Some business cards may be printed in "spot color," which means that specific colors are printed directly on the card by the printing press. Another type of color printing is the CMYK or 4-color printing method (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). Four-color separations of colored images such as photographs are printed using this method. Another exclusive business card template can be used to provide a full "bleed," which refers to printing beyond the edges of the card, then cutting the card out so the image goes all the way to the edge of the card, with no borders.

Whichever exclusive business card templates you select for your card designs, you should consider the potential the design has for sending the right message to business contacts and customers. If your business card looks attractive, presenting a great message to customers, it can be one of your most effective sales tools, at a very affordable price. Selecting the right business card templates and exclusive design is a powerful and smart investment for business success.

Article created on 8/7/2012

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