Effective Business Cards for Small Business

If you're looking to make business cards for your small business, you could be trying to "do it yourself," or feel overwhelmed at the options, prices and materials. It isn't as hard to find the best business cards for your small business as you think. You can choose a small business card for free from dozens of choices, add your own business name, logo, and have lots of options for sizes, colors, and styles.

You want your small business card to truly reflect your business. When you hand out your card, you want it to show the type of business that you have, from construction trades like drywall or painting, to personal services like pet grooming or hair styling. It isn't hard to come up with combinations of colors and images that look professional, but still show your business with the type of flair and image that you like. When you want to make business cards for your small business, don't forget, today's technology means that branding isn't something just for big businesses like Kraft and Coca-Cola. You can establish your own brand, starting with your own business cards.

You don't have to stick with the most basic black and white business cards on plain paper for your small business. The best business cards offer value for your money. You don't have to have slick, thick paper to make an impression, either. A few simple, bold colors on regular paper will usually do the job for a small business card.

A few things to avoid when you're making the best business cards that will be effective for your small business are overly-small, difficult to read type, type that is printed over pictures and obscured, and antique or yellowed-looking paper, unless you are in the antiques business. If you aren't in the business of selling vintage items, then a yellowed or antiqued paper runs the risk of just looking old and worn-out. The business contacts you make might throw the card away accidentally, instead of keeping it and using it.

When you start to look into the best business cards for your small business, try looking in your own stack of business cards for the ones you like best. Chances are, you'll find a card that makes a positive impression on you. You might not be in the same business as the card that you like, but you can take key elements from the card, such as color, design and print style, as inspiration for your own small business card. The most effective cards for a small business will be ones that are memorable, easy to read, and which will be at-hand when your contacts want your products or services.

You can find free business cards online with a lot of different design, color and type options for small businesses. The only cost for starting out with these basic cards is to pay shipping and handling. For a few extra dollars, you can add extras and make the best business cards for your small business that you can get.

Article created on 3/6/2012

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