Eco-friendly Business Cards - An Idea Whose Time Has Come


Welcome to the 21st century, an era riddled with changes, improvements and… eco-friendly business cards. In themselves they are an indication of change, a sign that we have become aware of our influence on – or rather our coexistence with – nature. Yet it is still a new topic in many circles. After all, the plumber round the corner isn’t using eco-friendly business cards, so why should you? Nowadays, however, it’s not about what everyone else is doing, it’s about what they are not doing and what you can do to enhance your business or private image. So why shouldn’t you invest in eco-friendly business cards?

Know What's In Your Business Cards

Take out a business card, or any one of those you might have close at hand and give it a good look. Perhaps it has an appealing design, perhaps not. But take a closer look at the paper – If it’s a normal business card then it is bound to have a silky smooth texture, perhaps a flashy or at least eye-catching design with no fuzzy edges, well none where there aren’t supposed to be any.

Yet another way to look at business cards, even the one you are holding, is to realise that sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide, sodium sulphate, chlorine, titanium dioxide, dyes, pigments, calcium carbonate and a host of other chemicals all go in to producing one little card with its corresponding design. Quite a mouthful isn’t it? But it’s these chemicals that, when released from a discarded card, filter into the atmosphere with resulting harmful effects. Of course, with this argument one needs to wonder exactly how many business cards, or just normal paper for that matter (because ultimately it is about the paper), gets thrown onto the streets, bins, gutters, ground, parks, etc.

Revolutionize Your Business With Eco-Friendly Business Cards

We know, we know, you’re hearing so many sales pitches everyday that it isn’t funny anymore. In fact, you probably hear quite a lot of “This isn’t a sales pitch”, which, somewhere down the line, ends up to be a sales pitch. So perhaps this is a sales pitch, but not for money. It’s for the acceptance of an idea that eco-friendly business cards can put you on the map of originality and genuine environmental concern. It’s for the mere fact that using eco-friendly business cards will attract you to those likeminded individuals (which could mean more business) whilst still enabling you to keep in touch with those who still do it the old-fashioned way.

By this time we hope you are curious about the contents of eco-friendly business cards. After all, if they’re not made from normal paper, what are they made of? Right? Well, the answer is a tricky one and perhaps an indication of the very singular aspect of eco-friendly business cards: they can be made of just about anything that can be recycled or grown and are processed in a way that makes them biodegradable and/or reusable. Finally, all that’s left to say is that eco-friendly business cards can be seen as a new trend that will ultimately become a way of life as our environmental awareness grows, not only on a personal or business level, but also on a legislative level.


Article created on 3/2/2009

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