Distort Your Business Cards!

The business cards that you as an agent or a member of a large-scale or medium sized industry give out are not only a viable tool for contacts but it is also a solid symbol of your label.

Provided below are helpful techniques on how to distort your business card in such a way that you use it not solely for expressing a proper contact address but also making it credible and attractive. 

Size Matters!

See to it that your business card’s size is not too small or too large, especially when you are giving it out on tradeshows. A lot of instances people prefer a smaller, glossy card like the one measuring 3.5”x1” card. Even though cards of these sizes stand out, they are usually lost when mixed together with a huge pile of other opposing business cards. So think it through properly what the best and appropriate size of your card would be.

Play of Colors

Adding color is one of the many characteristics of the best business cards, but you must be prudent in choosing colors. Do not just pick any color scheme just because you like that kind of hue it gives to your card. Select one that fits the theme of your brand. The design, the scheme should all agree to your marketing campaign. The strategy with this is to go over everything that you already possess- your webpage and your brochures. All should complement each other.

The Contact is the Key

The main reason why you are distributing your business cards to other clients is because you want them to have your contact information because when they contact you, it will help in your business development- acquire more customers- and more customers is good for business. Your contact address should be very noticeable in your card. It is important to choose the right font type and size. It also spells a difference where you put your contact info on the card. These strategies are all considered and utilized by a best business cards company.

A Card worth Keeping

In reality, although many people receive the business cards from a businessman or agent, a huge percentage of the receiving end actually do not keep the cards unless they see or observe something in the card worth-keeping or even sharing. Make your business card worth keeping. Be unique in some bizarre ways. This could mean that you will include funny yet related quotes to your business, or use a striking color palette- but not distracting! Another thing you can insert in the card is an inspirational phrase. Some even create their business logos in ways that it will arouse the client’s attention. Be creative. Creativity and innovativeness in crafting out business cards will start a conversation and it will show good chances of spreading your business through word of mouth. This referral by talk will spiral your business into heights you never even expect.

The best tip is to create a template for your business card- complete with the patterns, the color and the necessary information and print just a few copies of it. Make sure the each copy is slightly varied from the other copy. Show the copies to your friends and ask for their honest opinions. Doing this can help you save money and also allows you to test the design of your business cards to prepare you for the larger market- that is the people.

Article created on 4/17/2012

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