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Looking for some advice on how to print business cards? Well, we’ve put some thought into the idea as it seems to be a pretty popular one. With software packages becoming so comprehensive that they cater for almost all our design needs, most people design their own business cards and will therefore need to get them printed. Now among those ideas we’ve explored, we’ve tried to cover both aspects of printing business cards yourself and sending them away to ensure that you get the best of both worlds.

Print Business Cards on Your Computer

As you can well imagine, printing business cards from your computer requires additional equipment in the form of a printer. There is however something to be said about using a normal printer: while they may be able to print the design and the information of the business card, the paper will have to be turned around to ensure printing goes on both sides. Additionally, you’ll most probably have to cut the paper which could pose a problem: recipients of your business cards will immediately spot the oblique edges of your card.

There is of course another solution, which is to invest in a business card printer like the Canon CX320.

With the Canon CX320 you’ll be able to print business cards from your computer via a USB cable. These printers print business cards on pre-cut cards at a rate of up to 40 cards per minute which means that you’ll have a thousand in 25 minutes. The canon CX320 has the ability to print business cards in four different colours which means that the usual black-and-white variants are out and your business life will forever be colorized.

The only drawback associated with such an investment is that you’ll probably end up using it perhaps once or twice which would essentially mean that you are stuck with a piece of equipment that had a price tag of almost $2,000.

Print Business Cards Online

Strictly speaking you won’t be doing the printing, but you’ll be able to go to your friends and say, “Oh, I had them printed online”. And to add to the boast you’ll be able to assure your friends that you actually only paid for the shipping and packaging, nothing more and nothing less. Yes, that’s the advantage associated with online companies who print business cards as a part of their online repertoire. So how does it work?

Aside from being incredibly simple, it’s also incredibly affordable. All you need is an internet connection and then the address of a company ready to print your business cards, commonly known as an online printer. Once logged on to their website you’ll be able to submit your own business card design or use one of theirs. Following that, you’ll get prompted for bits of information regarding the quantity of cards you’ll need, color options, delivery options as well as an address where they need to be delivered to. Oh, and billing information. And that’s it!

Finding an online printer to print business cards for you is by-and-large the most cost-effective way for any small- to medium-sized business to get their business cards printed. For businesses of a bigger size, a business card printer might be a better investment.


Article created on 2/16/2009

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