Create Your Smart Impression with a Stylish Business Card Holder

A business card holder can be an important part of that all-important first impression that you make on business associates and contacts. You can grab your stylish business cards out of your pocket or wallet, or have a card holder that lives up to the quality of your business card designs.  Business card holders are designed to protect business cards while they are in a pocket or a purse, preventing them from fraying, bending or being damaged in other ways. They are a quality accessory that can help to set you apart from the crowd, and they send a message of style and confidence when they are carefully selected and used to reflect your business and personal image.

When you have stylish business cards, you want them to fit into an equally stylish business card holder. What type of business card holder should you choose? It need not be completely coordinated with business card designs. You can pick a timeless or classic style made from leather, inlaid wood, enamel, or many different types of metal. A stylish business card holder is available in nearly every color and finish imaginable. High-end business card holders are available made from precious metals, using high-quality craftsmanship. A card holder made from metals like titanium may last a lifetime and beyond. You can also order a personalized, engraved business card holder for yourself or as a thoughtful business gift. When carefully selected from quality materials, your business card holder could even become a family heirloom over time. Styles and varieties are available for both men and women, although the classic types of business card holders are suitable for both.

If you've invested a lot of time and planning into getting the right stylish business cards, it's also worth time to investigate the type of desk or table-top business card holder you want to use in your business. Most businesses use simple card holders that are available in metal or plastic. This is another opportunity to advance your business brand, however. Instead of a generic business card holder for the office, front desk, or desktop, consider a beautiful accessory made from inlaid precious wood, quality metal, or etched with your business logo or other images. Today, eco-friendly options are also available to compliment business card designs that are produced on recycled paper, using sustainable practices. You will send a subtle message if you use one of the several bamboo or other environmentally-friendly materials for your in-office business card holder.

Your business card holder can show your personal style, whether it is classic and conservative, tasteful and elegant, or modern and bold. In a wide variety of colors, styles and materials, it's worth taking the time to select a stylish business card holder to match your stylish business cards and to enhance your own personal brand. You will not only look smart when presenting your card from a stylish business card holder, you will be smart too, because you will set yourself apart from the crowd, showing attention to detail and style.

Article created on 3/20/2012

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