Common Business Card Mistakes - Don't Leave Home Without Them

Many times, people pay hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for the design and printing of their business cards. However, they do not ensure that they have enough cards to go around or don’t keep in mind when they should order again in the event that their current batch is dwindling.

Not having business cards can cause a bad first impression, making you look both unprepared and unprofessional. Not having a business card to hand out is a big no-no, yet this occurs frequently, causing frustration and second thoughts about your company and yourself.

When a person asks you for a business card, you are receiving a compliment from them. When you have to refuse to give them one because you ran out or forgot your business cards at the office, this can be insulting to the person. Your business cards market and advertise your business and services, and you should always ensure that you have plenty of extra business cards if the need arises.

Here are some tips that can help you ensure that you do not run out of professional cards in the future.

  • Use your business cards in ways that are outlined by your business card strategy. This can mean setting an ideal number of business cards to give away in a specific time or at a certain function or event. Once you start using your business cards as part of a solid business strategy, you will be much less likely to forget the business cards or run out.
  • Design a new business card that you are proud of and want to show off. This will make you more likely to remember your business cards than having business cards which are bland, boring, or out of date. The cost of printing your new business cards may be far outweighed by the new business received when you pass them out.
  • Buy a quality business card case. Make it a habit to refill the case, either in the morning before you leave or at night before bed. Habits are hard to break, and if you make this step part of your daily routine you will remember your business cards every time.
  • Practice presenting your business card at home until you are completely comfortable with the process. This works well if you are shy or inexperienced in giving out your business card. When you are confident and comfortable presenting your business card, you will be more likely to take them with you.
  • Stash business cards everywhere. Put a stack in your car, throw extras in your briefcase, and keep a stack in your office drawer. At home, place a stack of your business cards in the hall or by the front door, and this will help as a subtle reminder to remember these cards when you leave. Some people even carry an extra stack of business cards in their purse, gym bag, coat, and stick a stack in their assistant's drawer for good measure. This will ensure that even if you forget your business card case at home, you have cards to give out.

Article created on 7/21/2008

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