Color Business Cards: The Problem And The Solution

Color business cards exist in thousands of different varieties, but how effective are they in opposition to normal black-and-white business cards? This is of course a difficult question to address, seeing as there are a number of effective variants on both sides, each having its own singular facet which makes it stand out. Perhaps the question should be whether we need color business cards when the same effect, with a carefully planned design, can be achieved with black-and-white.

The answer is of course a simple and resounding ‘Yes’. We do need color business cards, if only to emphasise their monochromatic counterparts. Yet in both color business cards and black-and-white business cards, one tends to wonder at what it is that makes them effective; in other words, what are the dos and don’ts of effective business card design?

Color Business Cards – Dos and Don’ts

We believe that the same rules apply to both color business cards as well as the black-and white variety. Chief among these are those business cards which appear to be sloppily done – the idea is good, but the technique, quit obviously isn’t. Consider blurry images, feathered wording supposed to be crystal clear and razor sharp. More often than not this boils down to a use of incorrect software. There is however a slight difference between the two different cards: where black-and-white business cards may still be legible when the above occurs, color business cards often become illegible due to the overlapping of the different colors which, in essence, negate most distinguishable forms.

Another common mistake made with both types of business cards is of course the information presented on the business card. Can there be such a thing as too little information? We’ve all seen those cards with just a name and an e-mail address on them and they tend to be more effective than those overflowing with information. The reason for this is simple: no one wants to spend five minutes retrieving information from a business card. At most, it should take about 5 seconds. That being said, we’d just like to point at that using different colors for the information on color business cards might cause confusion and should therefore be avoided.

Color Business Cards – Solutions

So how do you avoid these mistakes? Well, one way would be to hire a graphic designer to iron them out – though that will add to the total cost of the business card in addition to printing.

A simple yet effective solution to crystal clear color business cards without the problem of feathered characters and images as well as sound advice on the design, is by using the services of an online printer. You see, most online printers have their own design teams who are capable of correcting mistakes and making alternative suggestions. You’ll get a sample proof and, when you are totally satisfied with the way your business card looks, the online printer will print them and ship them over to your premises.

Consider it a two-in-one deal, one where you get a bit of free advice as well as a professional printing service for your black-and-white as well as color business cards.


Article created on 1/26/2009

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