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Business printing is probably one of the biggest headaches for a great number of small businesses. This is, more often than not, due to a variety of factors which may include printing mistakes, personal printing by company employees and of course, the most common culprit, plain unnecessary printing. This may all be good and well, but of course the problem becomes more prominent when economic fluctuations seem to dominate our economy with resulting high costs of just about everything. It is in times like these that budget managers everywhere will look up to the skies for a glimmer of hope. And, if that is you, then we’d advise you keep on reading because we might just be able to offer you the answer you are looking for.

Business Printing And The Online Alternative

Alright, alright, we know what you’re thinking, “online printing” – yet another online scheme. To be honest, no not really. Our aim is to present online printing as a feasible alternative to the bulk of in-house office printing. Of course you’ll probably still need a printer or two for individual letters and documents, but when all things have been considered, online business printing might be the very thing that will save you those much-needed extra dollars. That being said, let’s take a closer look.

Online business printing, like any other online service provided, requires the client to submit a request for a specific printing job. In most cases this requires little more than the completion of an online form to get the ball rolling. But of course not all printing jobs are that straight forward. What about custom images and graphics? What about document layout? How will you ever know what the final product looks like before it arrives? Perhaps we should thank modern technology, or perhaps just prudent online printers that have thought about these things. In most cases clients can submit documents, complete with custom images, to online printers along with the rest of their order. The printer will then proof the image and send it electronically back to the client, often in either JPEG format or PDF.

Online Business Printing Costs

There are mainly two things that those responsible for printing would like to know:

  1. When will the job be done?

  2. How much will it cost us?

Those are probably the two most important aspects of online business printing seeing as they are the main two components that separate online printers from your local print shop. To answer the first question, most online printers will provide you with a choice, ranging from next day delivery to shipping in an average of four to five days. Naturally you’ll have to assume that it will cost more the sooner you want the final product. An additional benefit is that online printers usually has an additional offer where they’ll address, stamp and post your material should it be intended for posting purposes.

Now, cost – something we would preferably like not to exist but is unfortunately associated with most things in life. To give you a short and simple answer: costs vary. They do however tend to be cheaper than local printers, which makes online business printing so much more attractive. It needn’t be said that the best way of finding an online business printing service is to look for the one that matches all of the project criteria whilst still being one of the most affordable.


Article created on 1/5/2009

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