Business Printing Alternatives - Saving You Money, Saving You Time

Business printing, to many office workers world wide, poses a serious problem. Think of all those hours already spent trying to get documents like you want them to, which is to say the way they appear on screen. This is not only an unnecessary, yet unavoidable, waste of office resources, but this is also a waste of the employee’s time and therefore the company’s money. It’s from that perspective that employers across the globe have started to look elsewhere for their business printing solution; it’s why we’ve decided to publish this article.

Unbeknownst to many, there actually exist a number of alternatives to the usual form of business printing. The first of these is actually so simple it astounds: just don’t print. Well, not on paper at least.

Business Printing And The Portable Document Format

Nowadays business is not only about finding new ways to reach clients, its about finding new ways to run and manage the business. This means the updating and enhancing of archiving, business procedures and office procedures. And among these new and updated office procedures, one has to ask oneself how many of the printed documents need to be printed on paper? What if a suitable, perhaps even better, alternative is available that will allow intended recipients to read documents and view images in crystal clear quality.

The portable document format, more commonly known as a ‘pdf’ (Adobe Systems proprietary), allows the printing of any document into an unchangeable format. What makes this even better is that these files can later be printed on normal paper or they can be filed into an electronic directory for future use or reference. Of course, the only downside to this whole procedure is that the software for this is usually not a part of the default operating system’s printer drivers and has to be installed separately (be careful when having to pay for them as there are free versions available on the internet).

Business Printing Outsourcing Solutions

Why trouble yourself with unnecessary computer programs and printer problems when there is a suitable alternative available just a couple of mouse-clicks away. Many companies have ceased to print their own materials (except for the odd page or two) and have instead chosen to outsource their printing needs.

More often than not, this is done through an online printer – a web-based company available for printing jobs of just about any size. What makes this such an appealing choice is the fact that online printing companies usually have the experience that normal printing companies have minus the associated price tag, something which can be attributed to the vast amount of competition within the industry. An additional benefit is that online printing companies have a variety of options on offer which include the labelling, stamping and posting of envelopes and promotional material, saving both the employer and the employee time and money.

The only additional aspect worth mentioning in terms of online business printing is that care should be taken when choosing your printer. As there are many legitimate companies on the internet offering excellent service, so are there a number of companies who might not adhere to a guarantee of quality or a bargain price. In terms of business printing, it pays to shop around.

Article created on 12/29/2008

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