Business Cards With A Seasonal Approach

Can you imagine seasonal business cards? Difficult, isn’t it? Especially when you consider receiving business cards in the shape of a little Christmas tree or, perhaps even more confusing, an Easter egg. Paper or cardboard objects in that shape tend to be reserved for the general portion of uninspired festive marketing projects that clutter our windscreens at shopping malls or that we receive in the post every so often.

But of course, one has to admit, that the idea has a strange merit to it, if done correctly. And it would even be of greater merit if the business card in itself can be used in some way for that festive occasion. But of course one of the greatest merits associated with seasonal business cards is of course the religious diversity we have within our societies – not everyone celebrates Christmas and Easter – which could have a resulting positive effect on your business.

Seasoning your Business Cards

If you’re heading for the salt, pepper and oregano, there’s no need. What we’re referring to is adding that seasonal touch to your business cards with just a little bit of ingenuity. As a matter of caution, however, we thought it prudent to point out that seasonal business cards need to be prepared and handed out well in advance.

As Christmas and Thanksgiving comes and goes, you don’t want to be stuck with a surplus of seasonal business cards. That would defeat the purpose and be a waste of money. That being said, let’s have a look at a variety of ideas for three different new year’s celebrations

  1. Traditional New Year: Yes, first on the list are the traditional New Year’s festivities that are celebrated in most parts of the world. Consider handing out elegant corkscrews with your business contact details on this original business card. Clients and prospective clients will obviously be keeping you in mind as they say goodbye to the past and hello to the future with a glass of wine at hand. The good thing about this is that they’ll be able to use it for next year’s New Year as well.

  1. Chinese New Year: We all know the Chinese are responsible for mysterious folklore and ingenious ways of getting things done. We also know that some of the symbols most associated with Chinese culture are those of dragons and fireworks. Imagine a dragon themed business card wishing all Chinese a happy new year, or perhaps a model firework with your business details and a short Chinese message of wealth and prosperity.

  1. Stockbroker’s New Year: And just to show that we do keep our eye on financial events, the stockbroker’s New Year is celebrated on December 1st, which would leave ample time to prepare a variety of useful office products for those contacts you know to be in the brokering trade. Our ideas tend towards something that could help them relax after a hard day of work – perhaps a stress ball with your business details on.

There are in fact dozens of different New Year’s celebrations, each offering its own occasion for a uniquely-shaped and very useful business cards.

Article created on 12/22/2008

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