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Unbeknownst to many, there is a massive industry associated with the printing of business cards. Seldom will you walk into a printer’s office or log on to an online printing firm’s website without being given the opportunity to choose some additional options as well. Of course, most people will say that that is just the nature of sales – as much as possible at any given time. Yet, one has to admit that, short of registering for tax and insurance and finding your first client, those companies selling business cards seem to be capable of basically starting your company for you, complete with fridge magnets and promotional material.

Business Cards And The New Business

As we’ve said, you are basically capable of starting your own business by just shopping for business cards on the internet. And to extrapolate on the idea, we did a little bit of investigation.

Our journey starts with a typical online printer – seems to be reliable, has a wide range of services and products and, well, just seems normal. We decided to go for an option where we can design our own business cards, as we’ve found that they represent the most common consumer choice. This simply entails the uploading of an applicable image as well as the completion of an online form regarding our business and contact details which become visible immediately on the template itself. As soon as you’ve designed your business card, all you need do is choose whether you want to add foil to the design (which basically adds lustre to metallic/bright areas of the design) as well as the finish which could be one of three typical choices:

  1. Matte Finish

  2. Gloss Finish

  3. 100-lb Premium Matte Paper

After that the only thing that remains doing is choosing the back of the card. Now this can be anything from additional business contact details to a calendar or a concatenated appointment form. Now, here’s where the rest of the business comes in. Aside from ordering business cards, you’ll be able to order anything from office stationary which includes pens, notepads and sticky notes to promotional and marketing material such as a website, magnets, t-shirts, flyers, posters, postcards, etc., all in one go. Contrast this to the usual scenario where everything is done over a period of weeks with different providers at different rates. The average fee you can expect here is anything between $50 and about $200 for most if not all of the above services.

Over all we’ve found this type of service to be worthwhile, especially to those business entities just starting out in the big corporate world. And, if after you’ve read this you decide to invest in the idea, we’d like to offer you some advice that could assist the decision making process: ensure that the online printing solutions provider you choose for your business cards has the ability to cater for all your printing requirements as each business is different and will therefore have different needs.

Article created on 12/15/2008

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