Business Cards: Faceless Device for Good First Impressions

Do you remember how it felt when you received your first ever business cards?  Were you excited to hand it over to the very first person you saw?  For most business owners and professionals, business cards are as important as the clothes they wear – it gives a good first impression to the person who sees it and you should never leave your house or office without it!

Even though social networking sites and media are all the rage now, the uses of business cards remain as important as always.  You just wouldn’t ask a potential client to add you on Facebook or search for your profile on LinkedIn.  Handing out a business card is still very much the norm.

A good business card design should be able to tell a person seeing it all the important information they would want to know about you and what you do.  Essential information includes your name and title, your organization or business, address and contact information.  Some business owners have even gone on to inserting their own photos on their business cards.  A good idea but not a necessity.  And so, in most cases, the business card remains as a faceless communication and networking device.

As your business card is a projection of you and your organization, it is important to create a good and lasting first impression from it.  Your business card is essentially an advertisement for your business, a palm-sized travelling billboard that can be kept and handed down to others for referrals.  So in this case, looks do matter!  

Take some time to create and choose a good design for your business card.  You may wish to work with a graphic designer to do the design for you or if you are creatively inclined, you may choose to design it yourself.  Either way, you would want your business card to stand out whilst still remaining simple and elegant.  Since space is limited, only include the main and most relevant information that you need in the business card.  Remember that less is more.  Otherwise it will look too cluttered and messy.  Use high quality graphics for your logo and any other graphics that you may want to include.  Use contrasting colors for your background and fonts to ensure that is it easily readable.  Fancy fonts may look nice but does a test print to check whether it will come out as you envision and if it can be easily read.  Lastly, make sure that you proofread all the information for any mistakes before sending it for print. Remember that it is all about first impressions. If you weren’t there to hand out your business cards yourself, what would the person on the receiving end think about your card without meeting its owner?  

There are many business card samples that you may refer to online.  You may also take some inspiration from any business cards you’ve received that may have caught your eye.  For more business card ideas and business card templates, browse through our site

Article created on 11/13/2012

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