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Just in case you thought that this article was about giving you a couple of tips on how to be creative with business cards, we’ll sadly have to disappoint you. Or will we? This article is intended to celebrate the creativity of others who’ve seized the opportunity to expound their imagination and occupation in the shape of a highly original business card. And, as they say, creativity is contagious which could mean that you will be able to benefit from some of the ideas that you will read within.

Business Cards – Our Awards

In the 5th place of our creative business cards awards we feature a creation by a fiber artist who has decided to take creativity to the next level. Imagine a plain white business card with the name and occupation of the individual on the front and the contact details on the back. What makes this card different is that there are lengths of fiber carefully tied around the width of the business card. This makes not only for an eye-catching design, but also makes you feel that, if you could collect enough of them, you’ll be able to tie your curtains back with something elegant and arty – for free!

Our 4th place is taken up by a studio who not only tried to do something original, but something cheap as well. Their business cards are made from the riffled insides of boxes which mean that aside from supplying the eye with something different in terms of color, the hands get something different in terms of texture. When sifting through your business cards, this one will definitely stand out from its usual flat, white counterparts.

3rd Place is occupied by a unique design consisting of two halves. On the standard white half of this business card you’ll find the name of the company as well as all the usual business details, but with one difference: everything is written in mirror writing. Their ingenuity lies in the fact that the second half of the business card is a plain tinfoil mirror, therefore supplying the reader with a bit of fun mental exercise and something to remember.

Our highly prestigious 2nd place goes to a personal trainer who thought it best to give prospective clients a taste of what they can expect from him before they even sign on. His was the idea to print his details on a small sheet of rubber that needs to be stretched before it becomes readable. Like most of the best business cards out there, this one has an additional use: stress relief and exercise as the two ends are pulled away from each other.

And in 1st place with the most votes (especially among the female members of our panel) we have a business card made entirely out of… chocolate. Yes, these chocolate makers know that if there is one thing better than a good looking business card, it’s one that tastes even better, seducing the taste buds and therefore the minds of prospective clientele.

Article created on 12/8/2008

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