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What is it about business cards that make them memorable? What makes some of them stand out above the rest of the plain, bland variety? Is it what they look like? Could be, could very well be. But consider a scenario where a prospective client sits in his office mindlessly rifling through a vast amount of business cards. He has had them for a couple of months already and has seen them all before. Even the good ones become, well, stale and boring. What this means is that the appearance of a business card plays a role, even if it is only temporarily.


What else can you, the business owner depending on that crucial personal little piece of marketing, do to ensure that customers keep you in mind, even when months go by?


They say people buy with their eyes and if they are inclined to pay attention, their ears too. Yet even those things we buy with our eyes and ears get shoved to the back when we find something else to look forward to. Now consider touch – it is something unique to each and every individual. It is special because we know there is a long-term memory ingrained in our minds when we touch something. Most people will, quite naturally, ask what this has to do with business cards?


Everything. It has everything to do with business cards because their one intention is to enable others to keep you in mind for those occasions when they need the products or services you supply. The only problem, however, is that you are probably not the only business proprietor offering those services or selling those goods. It is therefore important that your business cards apply that very important touch-factor so that previous clients and prospective clients have an additional memory of your business.


Textured business cards are by no means a rarity, however having one will more often than not ensure that you stand out in a field of plain gloss business cards. So what are your options? How could you ensure that you select the correct texture for your business cards?

Business Cards -Textured Ideas

Selecting the right texture for your business cards is obviously a crucial step in terms of marketing. Consider a carpenter thinking about a suitable texture for his business card. In this case the suitable choice could be one of either two things: wood, which is obvious, but could pose a problem in terms of storage. Sandpaper… now there’s a solution. Not only can it be cut to the normal shape of a business card, but the texture alone is unique and will therefore remind the holder of the business card where he or she got the card and the accompanying business transaction. It therefore stands to reason that your business cards’ texture have to reflect your business in a way.


That being said, the only thing you need to keep in mind when deciding on an interesting shape and texture for your business card is that the recipient of the card will most probably need to keep it in a very small and enclosed space. Other than that, creativity will be your best tool when considering your new, textured business cards.

Article created on 11/24/2008

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