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The debate rages on about whether a business card is really effective in our electronic world. Let’s for the sake of this article, assume we agree there is some use for the business card. That being the case, here are some business card tips for making your business card work for you.

  1. White is boring. In this age of unlimited color, choose anything but white. If someone is looking for your card amongst a pile of them your brightly colored card will stand out. It will also be memorable to the receiver as color is an immediate trigger.
  2. Embossed cards are so yesterday! Get creative (though legible) with fonts but forget raised print. No one appreciates it and it’s expensive to boot. Put your advertising dollars elsewhere—not in embossing.
  3. If you are planning to pay extra for that shiny UV coating it gives your card a slick look. However that slick surface is impossible to write on unless you carry an indelible marker and those things stink. So leave the back uncoated so you or the receiver can write on it.
  4. If you are intending to be creative with those hundreds of fonts available to you, choose wisely and be miserly. Two fonts is an absolute maximum! Varying fonts clutters your card and makes it hard to read.
  5. Communication is what your card is all about. Make sure your card gives the receiver at least three ways to reach you: phone number, email address, and mailing address. You can also include a cell phone and /or fax.
  6. Be sure to tell what you do. This might be part of your business name e.g., Bill’s Moving Company; Vicki’s Home and Office Cleaners; Vonda Hair Stylist to the Stars; Fred’s Master Cabinet Manufacturing. If your business name does not tell—or not tell completely—what you do, add a tag line. E.g., Rob’s Sports: Equipment, Uniforms, Trophies.
  7. Be consistent. Use the same logo and business lettering in: business cards, letterhead; signage; website. Note the success of “The Big M”.
  8. Never miss an opportunity to hand out your cards. You never know which ones will get used. With companies like your cards will cost you nothing. Don’t be afraid to flood the world with them.
  9. Attach your card to other correspondence: letters; press kits; advertising; coupons…
  10. Make sure you use your business card to increase website traffic. You might add: “Go to to download a valuable coupon.” Or, “Get a free eBook at…” People love free stuff!
  11. Don’t scrimp on paper quality. Thin paper screams “cheap”. That’s not the message you want to give. Use quality cover stock.
  12. KISS. Keep your print clean and simple. It must be read fast or it will become trash. Font should be easy to read so not all caps.
  13. Avoid odd sizes and shapes. If they don’t fit a wallet or card holder, business cards get tossed.
  14. Remember cards are two-sided. Point form your business’ benefits on the back!
  15. Get a good mug shot and use it on your card! That way people will make the association between you and your company.
  16. Consider video business cards—especially if you are in a technology business.
  17. Business cards will always have a place even in an electronic age. Use them wisely. For information on best business cards a good place to start is

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Article created on 6/26/2012

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