Business Card Etiquette - How to Give And Receive Business Cards

Your business card design is an integral part of the all-important first impression you make on business contacts and associates. You've heard how important personal networking can be to building up your business. When seeking a good business card company, you won't want to consider just price or even free business cards. You'll want to select the company that can offer you the best business card design to showcase your products and services.

Once you have the right business card design, the business card company can't be there in person to help you give out your cards. When you're at a business or social event, it's important to take business card etiquette into consideration. What is business card etiquette? It's the social rules that govern how you should approach people with your business card, and how you should both give and receive business cards.

Some people make a great impression with their personal appearance and demeanor, then ruin that good impression by having bad business card etiquette. They may hand their business cards out to anyone they speak to, whether the card is requested or not. Different countries also have different business card etiquette. In North America, the business card is usually only provided upon request. In Singapore, business cards are usually presented when formal business introductions are made. To fail to have a business card on hand during formal business introductions can be a problem in countries like Singapore. It's important to have your business card on hand in the U.S. and Canada as well, but you won't make quite as much of a negative impression if you wait to give your card out when it is requested in those countries.

Another problem with business card etiquette can occur when you give people a card without their permission. Few things are more disturbing than the person who interrupts a conversation to slip a business card into your hand. Don't be so eager to distribute your business card that you forget manners of not interrupting others' conversations.

If possible, jot a note or other information on the back of your business card, to serve as a reminder to the person who requested the card. If days pass after they have met you, the note can be the difference between a call back, and your card being tossed in the trash. Don't request a business card if you do not have some interest in doing business with your new contact, either. It is better to be sparing with both business card requests and receipts at business networking events. Take the time to talk with others and discover common interests or potential areas where you might be able to work together, and then find the right moment to offer your card. If it is accepted, provide it right away. This is where a nice business card case comes in handy, so your cards are always fresh and at hand.

Remember, a good business card company can create the best business card design for your business. It's up to you to put that card to its best use by following good business card etiquette.

Article created on 7/24/2012

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