Business Card Design 101

Business card design is very important for anyone who uses business cards during their business, and these cards can have a big impact on your business and clients. A business card is usually a way to introduce yourself and your business, and if the design of the business card is bland or does not make your card stand out, this great business opportunity can be lost.

Your business card creates a first impression that determines if you should be remembered or forgotten. A well designed business card that stands out will help you be remembered, and can give you business opportunities because a prospective client calls.

Business Card Design – Points to Ponder

There are many places which offer business card design and printing, allowing you to design the perfect business cards, which reflect both your business and your personality. Today's business cards do not have to be boring, or even white. Traditional business cards are a white rectangle with your business and personal information printed on it. These cards are very boring and do not stand out, so that if twenty different business cards are laid out they all look the same. This is one of the biggest reasons that business cards get thrown away, because they are identical looking and do not make a statement.

Business card design today is a long way from the old fashioned business cards. Different colors can be chosen as the background, instead of white, and a black business card with white letters can really make your card pop, drawing the eye and attention when it is given out. The color red also seems to draw the attention of people who receive it. Borders of color can be added to a white background too to make the traditional card more colorful and vivid. Cartoons or drawings can be added to reflect your favorite characters.

Your picture can also be included in the business card design, and this step can really be helpful in making your business card unique and different. This will also help your clients associate your name with your picture, so that it is easier for them to remember you.

One way to determine which designs are best for your business card is to gather a number of business cards that you have received and place them in a pile. Mix the cards up, look at them, and determine which features draw your eye and get your attention. This will help you figure out which features will draw the most attention on your new business card, so that you can add these features.

Business card design is a serious business. Your business card represents both your company and yourself, and first impressions are the most important. People give out business cards as a way to advertise their business, and if your business card is not unique and original then you may be wasting the cost of printing them up. Consider your options carefully during your business card design, and have fun with it. Anything that makes your business card unique and different from the rest will make it stand out.

Article created on 8/4/2008

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