Are Business Cards a Lost Art?

Whatever you may think of business cards, they were once a work of art. Before the age of computers, many business cards were illustrated and perhaps even lettered by hand. Like handmade cards they were considered a work of art.

There was also a status to having a business card. Ladies used to leave their calling card on a silver platter which was then delivered to the lady of the house. Businessmen and gentlemen all carried business cards which they exchanged with others at social and business functions. Today business and laypeople offer calling cards more often as information on email addresses and URLs to websites.

Many prefer to add this information to their BlackBerry or iPhone or PDA.But, there is still a place for a well-constructed business card. Business cards provide the recipient with information about the type of business in which you are engaged. Good business cards contain more information than a Rolodex, an electronic address book or a smart phone would include.

What Makes a Business Card Effective?

When you give your business card to a potential client, he/she will take a quick glance only. Something must grab their attention immediately so they will keep the card and come back to it. The eye catcher could be a graphic, a photo, color, texture, a business logo or a stylized business name. Something must trigger their attention so they save the card and return to it for future reference. You have mere seconds to grab the attention of a recipient with your business card. You’ve spent money and time on the design. You need to make this investment pay.

How to Make Your Business Card Memorable

Before you get an idea that business cards must be unusual and packed with information, consider this. The most effective business card designs are clean, clear, tidy and easy to read. Remember, one glance is the best you get! If you don’t grab the receiver by then, your card will be in the trash tomorrow.

Don’t clutter your card with information overload. Offer a website URL for the rest of the details.

Business Card Design

Size and Shape: Forget originality in size or shape. If your card doesn’t fit a card holder or wallet it is likely to get dog-eared at best or tossed in all likelihood. Size and shape are not areas in which to exercise your creativity!

What Goes Where? On a business card specific information is vital. Who? How to contact you (cell/landline/fax/email). Name of your business. What you do. Logo.Website. Anything else is overload. If you are smart, your business tells what you do! This saves space.

Legibility: It’s great to be creative with colors and fonts. However, the number one priority is that your card be quickly and easily read. Your card may look pretty but if isn’t legible like a billboard, then readers won’t be able to find what you do and how to contact you. If they have to work at it, that card will end up in the trash! Best business cards must be bold, legible and uncluttered. For information on business cards companies and free business cards, a good place to start is:

Article created on 6/12/2012

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