5 Ways to Make Your Free Business Card Stand Out

You can use photos, font styles and other imaginative devices to make your free business card stand out so that others will show an interest in your card and possibly your business.

When you order free business cards, you are going to want them to stand out. Business cards are used for a variety of different reasons and are more necessary now than ever before as people have e-mail addresses and websites as well. There is so much more to put on your free business card than just your name and number.

If you want your business cards to stand out among the rest, you can resort to a number of different tactics.

Here are 5 ways to make your free business cards stand out:

Use Photos

Many of the places online that offer free business cards will allow photos. Some of the photos encompass the entire card and others are just in a corner of the card. Use photos to enhance your free business card and make it stand out among the others. Take a look at the photos that you can put on your cards and find one that is attractive and will let your card stand out.

Use Color

If you want your free business card to stand out among other business cards, use color. Use color either on the fonts or on the background of the card. Color will make your business cards stand out among all others. Years ago, colored business cards cost a lot of money. Today, thanks to the internet, they are free! You can use color to make your free business card stand out.

Use Fonts

Take a look at the fonts that are available to you and find one that is easy to read but fun as well. Instead of using boring fonts, make your free business card exciting and fun by choosing fonts that look attractive and make your business cards stand out. Take a look at the different fonts that are available when you order your free business cards.

Use Text Size

Text size is important to make your business cards stand out. If you use a larger text size, people are bound to take notice. You will want to have certain relevant information on your business cards including your name, the name of your business, cell phone information, website information, e-mail address and phone number. You also want to make sure that the free business card describes the business. Use text size and make your business card stand out.

Use Italics and Bold

Use italics and bold enhancements to the text to make your free business card stand out. The italics and bold will help accent some parts of your business cards and will make it seem even more important. If you have something that you want to highlight, you can do so on your business card by using italics and bold in the fonts.

By using photos as well as color, different fonts, text size and accents such as bold and italics in your print on your cards, you can allow them to stand out to other people. When people get your business card, it will look more like a work of art rather than a card. But it will be your own free business card.

Article created on 8/18/2008

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