16 Ways to Make Your Business Cards Unforgettable

Business cards are one of the most important aspects of any business as they are given to prospective clients. Your business cards have to be so designed that they stand out and grab your client’s attention. A business card is rather small and here are some business card ideas to make your card look great as well as contain important information –

  1. Your business card could include great contrasting shapes and colours as just white cards with black text doesn’t seem to grab attention. If your company has a set of colours that form its logo you could adopt them onto your business card.
  2. If you want to make your business cards even more appealing try using circles or ellipses to display your contact information and you could use gradient style colouring. Remember to never use more than two colours on your card as it doesn’t look pleasant.
  3. Another card idea to make your business card one that people remember is adding your business logo as people remember you buy your company logo.
  4. The text on your business card should be small but not too small as it looks better and also gives you more space. Usually sizes anywhere between nine to elven point is used.
  5. Business cards need to deliver and to accomplish this you may need to shell out more and use the finest quality paper as well as colours. Matte paper or any form of glossy paper and fine colours look great.
  6. Just another card idea to make your card look awesome is the addition of a border around the card. But, don’t overdo it and see that the border isn’t too thick and matches the other colours used in your business card. Ensure that the entire content and images etc. of the card touch the border or the card may look bad resulting in negative effects on your clients.
  7. The design of your business card should match your business as far as possible. If you have a gardening business use a plant and if you have a car part business try using a picture of a car.
  8. Pop up cards are a great attention grabber and aren’t popular yet and this makes them all the more exciting. Even though they may cost more, it would certainly be worth the try.
  9. Another common card idea used to make these cards is using a picture most often a self-portrait either on one side or both sides of the card.
  10. Business cards can be made even more attractive by using different styles of characters and there are a whole lot of them for you to choose from.
  11. Embossing certain parts of your business card or adding a metallic touch to it is another great idea to ensure that your clients give the card a second look.
  12. Another card idea to make your business card a client grabber is printing your very own tagline. Try getting a cool tagline for yourself or just ask someone else to think of one for you.
  13. Business cards may seem tiny and contain just a few words but you need to proof it and make sure that it’s designed right and the colours look good and most importantly ensure that all the information is correct.
  14. Try using your card to make people visit your website by letting them know more information can be found there.
  15. Add all the possible forms of contact including your e-mail id, mobile number, skype id and anything else you find relevant. 
  16. Use a professional business card printing service when you get your cards printed so that you get exactly what you have in mind.

Article created on 2/7/2012

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